This year’s female Nobel laureates – leading a paradigm shift?

It is evident that even with this year’s evolution in the recognition of women’s achievements, the Nobel prizes are still a bastion of inequality. a contribution to our humans of physics series by Shirin Ermis, originally published at A couple of years ago when I started studying Physics, I felt bold enough to try and predict whatContinue reading “This year’s female Nobel laureates – leading a paradigm shift?”

Is Aether Energy Transfer like a Wilberforce Pendulum?

Figure 1: A wilberforce pendulum I’ve been postulating, over the past few months, about various types of mechanical displays of the sort that early scientists used to describe Newtonian physics, and how they might be vehicles to describe aether energy transfer as well. The form of the aether really determines which mechanical display is mostContinue reading “Is Aether Energy Transfer like a Wilberforce Pendulum?”

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